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Ken Winokur has worked in a dizzying array of artforms and media.  From his current musical projects, back to his earlier years working as a journalist and photographer, Winokur has had a long career of creation.

He is best known as director, composer and musician with Alloy Orchestra, which, for 30 years has created moving scores for classic silent films from the earliest days of cinema.  Alloy ceased operations in 2021.

Winokur is currently directing and performing with Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra.  PCO takes up where Alloy left off, composing and improvising with films, both contemporary and from a previous era.

Winokur performs regularly with Lookie Lookie, an 8 piece latin band, performing Latin Bugalu - a style of music created in New York in the 60's.   Bugalu combines the styles of classic mambo and 60's rock and soul.

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